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ScuDeX Express at a Glance

Over the last decade or so the emergence of internet has changed the way people buy and sell goods and services. This has been further fueled by e-commerce companies but the success of the e-Commerce trades entirely depends upon robust and consistent logistics. India is a country with diverse geography, this makes logistics a challenging task. To cater to this challenge and to meet ever increasing demand of e-commerce industry for a better and reliable logistics partner ScuDeX Express is established.

We ScuDeX Express are in one of the fastest growing service industry of India it is challenging sector of logistics. ScuDeX Express specializes in total logistics requirement and services, with focus on e-commerce business. ScuDeX Express ensures delivery of your products to the Right Place, at the Right Time, Which makes all the difference.

SCUDEX EXPRESS INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED seeks to establish its presence through a unique delivery service model exclusively catering to the e-Commerce Industry. The delivery Services capability, scalability, customization and sustainability will be the core aspects of the business model. The company is supported and mentored by Professionals of Logistics and distribution Industry having over 100 years of rich industry experience and have made immense contributions to the growth of the Express Delivery and Transportation Industry in India and also having the track record of shaping the e-tailing distribution and delivery system in India.

Established in 2015, ScuDeX Express is one of the leading Logistics/Express cargo company providing logistics/express cargo service for e-commerce companies. We at ScuDeX Express develop comprehensive logistics service plan tailored to meet specific requirements of customers. This is done after studying customer’s specific requirement and objectives with regards to their internal and external requirements. This process ensures that ScuDeX Express provides quality services more consistently than any other services provider. We are very conscious of our reputation and always strive to maintain it.

The most important link of providing better services on consistent basis is our people. Our associates have evolved into an exceptional team with superior execution in every endeavor. We know the importance of people in service industry hence we keep special focus on our people. Every employee is chosen very carefully to specific role and groomed and trained to perform and grow within the organization. This ensures optimum output on regular basis which helps us maintain our service level to ensure our customers are delighted.

Our mission, spirit, values and behaviors are what separate us from other companies- they are the strength that underpins our entire approach to responsible, ethical business conduct. We as a team ensure that these values reflect in all our actions thus making ScuDeX Express a great company to work for and to do business with.

What make ScuDeX Express unique is:

  • Our dedication to enhance your existing Logistics/Courier services, or helps develop new strategies using our cost-effective professional approach.
  • Our commitment to developing long-term relationships with companies who rely on quality logistics solutions.
  • Our in house developed software is our USP, It gives us edge as software it helps tracks shipment at each stage and gives required MIS to management for monitoring.
  • We encourage an open dialogue with our clients so as fully understand individual requirements.
  • Our commitment to ensure each shipment is given equal importance irrespective of size or value.
  • ScuDeX Express India Private Limited has a team of experienced professionals with proven track record of service delivery in most challenging situation.